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Everspring Motion Detector


The Everspring Motion Detector is designed with two detecting sensors, passive infra-read (PIR) and light ... more info

Everspring Motion Detector


The Everspring Motion Detector using PIR (passive infrared receiver) detects the presence of a person in a room. The ... more info

Everspring Motion Sensor


The Everspring EVR_SP103 Z-Wave motion detector is designed to detect movement in a protected area by detecting changes ... more info

Everspring Plug-in Dimmer


This device is a dimmer plug-in and is used between a standard UK wall outlet and lamps connected to a wall outlet by ... more info

Everspring Plug-in On/Off Switch


This Z-Wave plug-in on/off module is used to control a load powered by a standard UK plug. The module is rated IP20 and ... more info

Everspring Smoke Detector


The Everspring Smoke Detector is a Z-WaveTM enabled photoelectric smoke detector that can detect even small amounts of ... more info

Everspring Temperature and Humidity Detector With LCD


The Everspring Temperature and Humidity Sensor enables you to easily monitor and control your home’s environment ... more info

Everspring Wireless Indoor Siren


The Everspring SE812 Indoor Siren integrates both functions of siren and strobe into one unit. Two sound levels, 100dB ... more info

Fibaro Blind/Roller Shutter


Radio controlled module, designed to work with electric motors in blinds, rollers, canopies and such. Fibaro ... more info

Fibaro Dimmer Bypass


Bypass Fibaro is a device complementary to Fibaro Dimmer (FGD211). Its installation enables the dimmer unit to dim ... more info