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Vision Wireless Siren - Mains Powered


  • Manufactured by: Vision
  • Model: ZM1602EU

Product Description

The Vision Siren will warn everybody in the building by a loud sound and a flashing light about an alarm. This product is especially suited for security applications in combination with other Z-Wave devices such as door or windows sensors or motion detectors. The siren gives a loud sound and a flashing warning light, so everybody in the building will know immediately that an alarm has occurred. The noise level of the siren is >in excess of 105 dB at a range of 1 meter. The device can be configured to either use the strobe flash or the acoustic siren or both.  A tamper switch protects the device from removal or manipulation if used in security applications. The device is mains powered but has a backup battery inside to remain in operation in case of a power outage.

Product Highlights:

  • Loud audible alarm > 105dB@1 Meter
  • LED strobe lighting
  • Low battery detection
  • Range of up to 100ft (line of sight)
  • Operating temp: -15oC - 60oC
  • Dimensions: 116x77x40mm


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