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Danfoss Radiator Thermostat (LC-13)


  • Manufactured by: Danfoss
  • Model: 014G0013

Product Description

Living connect (LC-13) is a Z-Wave controlled electronic radiator thermostat. It is SDK 4.5, has Explorer Frame Support and increased network stability. This radiator thermostat is mounted on heating valves and controls them by a motor. The device accepts a setpoint that is either set manually using buttons on the device or wirelessly using Z-Wave. Afterwards, the device will regulate the warm water supply to the radiator and compare the detected temperature to ensure, that the temperature in the room is kept at the desired level. A small LCD panel on the device displays the setpoint temperature on request.The device has an internal scheduler, that allows to define up to 9 setpoint for up to 7 week days. Once programmed, these setpoints will be activated without any further manual or wireless interaction. Beside setting a desired temperature the device will support special heating schemes, such as energy saving and frost protection and intelligent functions such as detection of open windows or a valve training function to ensure that valves are still operational after longer periods.

The Livinng Connect is supplied with adapters for Danfoss RA valves and valves with M30 x 1.5 (K) connections, two alkaline AA batteries and a 2mm Allen Key.


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