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RFXCOM RFXtrx433 USB Transceiver


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  • Manufactured by: RFXCOM
  • Model: RFXTRX433USB

Product Description

The RFXCOM RFXtrx433 USB Transceiver makes it possible to receive and transmit the 433.92MHz frequency radio signals, used by many home automation sensors and devices, allowing their integration into larger integligent home systems. The RFXtrx433 is supported by an expanding range of home automation systems including the popular Homeseer application and MiCasaVerde's Vera controllers.

For an up to date list of products that support the RFXtrx433 and of the devices that it can integrate with please see the RFXCOM product page

Product Highlights:

  • Receives and decodes 433.92 MHz sensor signals of all major brands
  • Encodes and transmits 433.92MHz actor signals for all major brands
  • No transmitted messages lost due to the unique CSMA-CA technology to avoid RF collisions
  • Standard USB powered interface supported by Linux, Mac-OS, Windows
  • Eser flashable firmware updates supported
  • EEPROM stored configuration settings
  • Included in box - RFXtrx433, antenna, USB cable, Quick startup guide