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TKB Home Plug-in On/Off Swtitch


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  • Manufactured by: TKB Home
  • Model: TZ68E

Product Description

The TKB Home TZ68E is a switch plug-in and is used between a standard UK wall outlet and lamps connected to a wall outlet by cable. The unit is included into a Z-Wave network by a remote control, PC software or any other kind of Z-Wave controller. It switches all kinds of loads. Local operation is possible by pressing the button on the device.

Technical Data:

  • Power rating: 230V, 50 Hz
  • Maximum load: 2990W for UK, 3500W for Germany, France
  • Distance: Up to 30 m in buildings
  • Display: LED inside push button
  • Local interaction: One button for switching, inclusion, exclusion and association
  • Power supply: Via 230 V power

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