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Z-Wave.Me USB Z-StickC
The Z-Wave.Me Z-StickC connects a PC platform with USB interface to the wireless Z- Wave network. The interface to the Z-Wave network is a standard...
Z-Wave.Me Key Fob
The Z-Wave.Me Key Fob is a Z-Wave device that can either directly control other Z-Wave devices or activate scenes via a Z-Wave controller. Although...
Z-Wave.Me ZBox Internet Gateway
Z-Wave.Me Z-Box is a fully functional Z-Wave static controller running Z-Wave.Me Z-Way controller software. It is based on an industry-grade PC...
Zipato Backup Module
The Zipato ZipaBox Backup Module serves as expansion module to increase the ZipaBox’s capabilities. It can easily be attached to the ZipaBox by...
Remotec Z-Extender
The Remotec Z-Extender is a Z-wave compliant Z-wave to IR extender. It works with any Z-wave controller or gateway, translating...