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Everspring Flood Detector
This sensor monitors leakage and sends an alarm when flooding or leakage is detected. The sensing device can be away up to 3 m from the main device....
Vision Door/Window Sensor
This sensor can be used to monitor a door or window, sending a Z-Wave signal when the door or window is opened and closed.   Product...
Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor
The Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor is a new small and compact Z-Wave sensor with the size of 2.5*7 cm (main body), that tells you and your Z-Wave...
Vision CO Detector
The Vision Carbon Monoxide (CO)  Detector detects the tasteless, invisible but very poisonous gas created by among other things the incomplete...
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor - Light Brown
The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is a wireless, battery powered, Z-Wave compatible reed sensor. Each time its two parts, i.e. the sensor's body...
Vision Smoke Detector
This detector is designed to sense smoke that comes into the detector chamber and send a Z-Wave signal when the detector detects a certain density of...
Vision Shock Sensor
This sensor detects the vibrations made by an intruder trying to break a window or door, and also detect tamper situations, it will send a Z-Wave...
Everspring Temperature and Humidity Detector With LCD
The Everspring Temperature and Humidity Sensor enables you to easily monitor and control your home’s environment using a Z-Wave network. The...
Everspring Motion Sensor
The Everspring EVR_SP103 Z-Wave motion detector is designed to detect movement in a protected area by detecting changes in infra-red radiation levels...
Wintop Temperature / Dry Input Sensor
This battery operated device combines a temperature sensor with a binary sensor using dry input connectors. Both sensor functions can be used...
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